We provide a full service agency to all in the entertainment industry including actors,  musicians, producers, directors, crew and tradesmen.

Services for professionals

We provide a variety of services from simple agency and providing you with jobs through to a full management service. We cater to:

Basic Service

Any professional that registers with us will be entered into our database. We include plentiful information about you so that your services can be found. Directors and producers can then contact you directly which saves you the huge cost of any commission. 

It is free to have a page on our website. That is all. You do not pay any commission whatsoever when you are given work through our agency. 

For more information, visit our contact page. 

Premium Service

Those wanting a more personal service can have personal representation by Paul Dove. Paul is happy to discuss the level of service he can provide on an individual basis. This can range from simple representation all the way through to contract negotiation and full management. 

For more information, visit our contact page.