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Paul J.Dove Actor

Paul J. Dove was born in Waterloo near Liverpool. His first stage performance was at age 10, playing the lead role in a stage play Johan The Charcoal Burners Son and continued with school plays always in the lead roles. He diversified his entertaining career along with his business partner Mike on the disco circuit, with one of the largest mobile disco’s for large events corporate and private and still going. Paul was one of the founder members of the Liverpool Youth Music Centre under the direction of the late Mr Raymond Mulholland, Paul has had a varied musical side to his life. He started out playing the drums, then fugal horn and baritone and ended up playing the cornet and trumpet, but his heart was always with acting. Paul has had a wealth of experience outside the acting business from being an office manager to running his own successful businesses but now he has settled back to being a full time actor. Since returning to acting, Paul has appeared in nearly all of the major British soaps. He has had the lead role in movies and TV documentaries, and been in many blockbuster movies and TV dramas. He is constantly being asked to read scripts for various projects, Paul Is a member of Equity, Spotlight, Musicians Union, and IMDB Pro, also SAG eligible.
Paul J. Dove Actor

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Equity, Spotlight, IMDB Pro, SAG/AFTRA eligible

Ray Sinclair


Ray Sinclair Actor

Filmography Filter
Road – Frank 2016 Post-Prod
The Cull – Actor 
One June Afternoon – Doctor Taylor 2013 
Ryder Country – The Contractor 2012 
Sleeper – Dwayne Miller 2012 
The Professional Idiot – Tony 2012 
I’m Home (Short) – Harold 2012
It’s Brisbane Tonight: Wow! – Morley Appleyard 2012
Neon (Short) – The Detective 2011 
Loyalty – Arkady, Stunt Performer 2011 
God Bless Daddy (Short) – Actor 2010
Gus (Short) – Don (voice) 2010
In the Woods (Short) – Officer Henryk 2010                                                                                   The House (Short) – Detective Fox 2010
Vigilante – Wife Basher 2008 
(Short) – Mr. Gray 2007 
Sweet FA – Ronald 2006 
Through Different Eyes (Short) – Joe 2005 
Sharkmen – Will ‘Thresher’ Barnes 
Evil Up Close (TV Series) – Actor (1 episode, 2012) 2012
The Man in Black: Peter Moore (2012) – Actor
Sleeper * – Dwayne Miller seven8Media/ Dru Brown
Sweet F.A. * – Ronald awesomely awesome/ Mick Skelton
vigilante * – dyfunctional truckie outlandish film/ Ash Arron
sharkmen * – Thresher Barnes Gibsonstyle /Jason Gibson
The Professional Idiot * – Tony thecleaner mediakin productions
Loyalty * – Arkardy Fenrisproductions /jake reedy
Its Brisbane Tonight WOW * – Morely appleyard Mango a gogo / Scot McPhie
Ryder Country * – The Contractor Mytletown productions / Gareth Lee / Tam Sainsbury
ROAD * – Frank Tworld Entertainment
Extaneous Moustache sketch show * – Doug , The Saleman Extaneous Productions
Before you leap * – bad guy Australian story ABC/colin cosier
reality bytes * – U.S homeland security guard australian story /ABC ,Kristine taylor
till death do us part * – abusive husband Australian story ,ABC / Kent Gordan
Gus * – voice of “Don” andrew Martin
Carving others * – N.A.S,A control boss A vision films / Dan Stevenson
How Long * – Business man New city kings
Education (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)
Rienassance theatre * – Classical text , Mr Rex Howard 2000 Brisbane
Additional Awards (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)
Australian screen industry network * – Best actor 2011


Ally Goodman

10 years of stage experience from leading roles in established theaters and shorts to supporting roles in straight-to-DVD feature films.

Film includes: Expiry Date, Dark Waters, Twisted Showcase


Physical Details

Height: 180 cm / 5ft 11in
Shoe size: 9.0 UK / 10.0 US / 43.0 Euro
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Hair colour: Black
Skin colour: White
Hair length: Short
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair type: Straight

• Fawlty Towers (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Basil Fawlty, Llangollen, UK
• The Real Inspector Hound (Suitcase Theatre) : Moon, Mold, UK
• The Zoo Story (Suitcase Theatre) : Peter, Mold, UK
• Winona (Abandoned Theatre Co) : Ed, Touring Production, UK
• Bothered and Bewildered (Tip Top Productions) : Jim/James, Chester, UK
• Help To Save Yourself (Fixers UK) : Driver, Wrexham, UK
• Payback (Twisted Showcase) : Andy & Jeremy, Wrexham, UK
• The Accrington Pals (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Ralph, Llangollen, UK
• NHS Training Video (Yale College) : Nurse, Wrexham, UK
• Face to Face With A Killer (Beastie Productions) : The Killer, Wrexham, UK
• The Crucible (Mikrokosmos) : Judge Danforth, Mold, UK
• Clone Alone (Twisted Showcase) : Sam & Clone, Wrexham, UK
• Boxed Set (Suitcase Theatre) : Chris Clemence (TV Presenter), Mike (Homeless Guy), Mold, UK
• The Empire Changes Hands (Suitcase Theatre) : Pete Townsend, Mold, UK
• Preacher: Warrior of God (Short) : Demon Puck & Minion, Wrexham, UK
• Stags and Hens (Tip Top Productions) : Rob, Chester, UK
• Fawlty Towers (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Basil Fawlty, Llangollen, UK
• By The Waters Of Denbigh (Suitcase Theatre) : Dr. Evan Pierce, Mold, UK
• Arsenic and Old Lace (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Mortimer, Llangollen, UK
• Wraith Island : Jack Conway, Scotland, UK
• Curtain Call (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Murphy, Llangollen, UK
• Night Must Fall (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Dan, Llangollen, UK
• Return to Iron Mountain (Bonk St Theatre) : Alien, Liverpool, UK
• Dark Waters (Dogsdinner Productions) : Rob, Llangollen, UK
• Come on Jeeves (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Horse Race Commentator, Llangollen, UK
• Beyond A Joke (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Geoff, Llangollen, UK
• In Your Head (Yale Wrexham) : Ryan, Wrexham, UK
• We’re Not Superheroes Anymore (Yale College) : Trolley Attendant, Wrexham, UK
• The Ghost Train (Llangollen Twenty Club) : Charles Murdoch, Llangollen, UK
• Expiry Date (Ffreebirds) : Brian, Wrexham, UK
Acting experience:  Previous paid speaking roles

• English

• Australian
• UK Cockney
• UK English
• UK Posh
• UK Welsh
• USA Boston
• USA California
• USA New York
• USA Southern

– 11 years of stage and screen experience.

– Previous paid speaking roles in several straight-to-DVD horror feature films.

– Leading stage roles in dramas/comedies/thrillers performed in established theatres including Clwyd Theatre Cymru.



Carl Wharton

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Carl Wharton