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Elizabeth Troshanoff Based in New York (also Mr Dove's PA in New York
Elizabeth Troshanoff Based in New York (also Mr Dove's PA in New York


Elizabeth Troshanoff

Elizabeth Troshanoff

Elizabeth Troshanoff

Michelle Rice

Michelle Rice Based in Los Angeles
Michelle Rice
Based in Los Angeles

Michelle Rice

Michelle Rice

Michelle Rice

Michelle Rice

Michelle Rice


Michelle Rice Bio

Michelle has been involved in the arts since a very young age. She played clarinet from fourth grade into university. She got a college scholarship playing the bassoon. She played a mime in 8th grade at St. Edward School. She was also a drum major for the high school marching band.
Michelle sang in two talent shows in high school & won a placement for singing "Why Haven't I Heard from You" by Reba McEntire.

Michelle met a girl while in college who was a leading lady for a Travis Tritt music video & asked the girl in the video how she got that role. That actress was booked via Advantage model & talent, so Michelle decided to sign up at that school. Michelle booked her first music video in 2005 for Brad Paisley called "Alcohol" & her Sag letter arrived in the mail at the end of 2009 after booking a Blue Cross Blue Shield commercial with Dan Talent Group.

The feature film that inspired Michelle to pursue acting as a profession was the Notebook movie. Michelle is currently  working towards getting a major role in TV, Films or commercials.


Filmography Filter
Spirit Unforgiving (Short) – Jenny 2013
Dimes on a Turn (Short) – Amanda's Mom 2012
The Americans – Actress 2011
Peep Show (Short) – Mindy (as Michelle Evans) 2009
Moon-Lite (Short) – Twi-Lite Author (as Michelle Evans) 2009 
Gun Town – Mental Hospital Nurse (as Michelle Evans) 2009 
Finnegan's Sake (Short) – Finnegan's Girlfriend 2008
Primary photo for The CatholiconThe Catholicon (Short) – Waitress (as Michelle Evans) 2008
Primary photo for You Only Loved Me TwiceYou Only Loved Me Twice (Short) – Amy Miller (as Michelle Evans) 2008
Primary photo for The HarpsThe Harps (Short) – Becky Harp (as Michelle Evans) 2010 $25K

Starina Johnson



Staring Johnson Based in Los Angeles
Staring Johnson Based in Los Angeles


Staring Johnson Actor Based in Los Angeles

Filmography Filter
Frank (Short) – She, Casting Director, Costume Designer, Director (Attached), Producer, … More 2015 
But Deliver Us from Evil (Short) – Actress 2015
All Kinds (Short) – Barbara, Casting Director, Director, Executive Producer, Set Decorator, … More 2015                                                                                                                                     Roundball – Sadie Scott 2014 

More Scenes from a Gay Marriage – Judith 2014 
West Hollywood Motel – Natasha 2013 
From Tuesday to Friday (Short) – Nurse 2013
The Far Flung Star – Sheila 2013
Culture Shock – Skyler 2013
A Measure of the Sin – Alicia, Associate Producer 2013
The Pyrex Glitch – Rich Widow 2012 
The Casserole Club – Kitty Bloom 2011 
Stuck! – Daisy 2009 
Look (Short) – Emma 2009
Crossroads Cafe (Video) – Suzie 2008 
Watch Out – Andrea 2008 
Summer's Morn – Jane Crenshaw 2008 
$6 Man – Arlene Kincaid 2008 
A Father's Rights – Nurse Davis 2008 
Falling to the Top (Short) – Rebecca 2008 
Ought – Siandra 2008 
Bookends – Party Guest 2008
Buried Secrets (Short) – Alice Braxton, Writer 2007
The Romany Mirror (Short) – Mother 2007
To a Tee – Courtney 2006 
An Ending for Gerald (Short) – Agatha's Mother 2005
Reading Into It (Short) – Gina 2005
Crazy Bitch (TV Series) – Director (4 episodes, 2012), Producer (4 episodes, 2012), Writer (4 episodes, 2012), Cheryl / Propmaster (2 episodes, 2012) 
Slugger (Nov 6, 2012) – Director, Producer, Writer
Crazy Bitch (Oct 30, 2012) – Cheryl, Director, Producer, Writer
Speak the Speech (Oct 23, 2012) – Propmaster, Director, Producer, Writer

Paul Goetz's Last Ditch Effort (TV Series) – Maid (1 episode, 2012) 
Pilot (Oct 11, 2012) – Maid
Drinking Without Income (TV Series) – Starina 2011–
'The Making of 'More Scenes from a Gay Marriage' (Video) – Herself 2014
Camp Casserole – Herself 2011 
The 48 Hour Film Showdown (TV Series) – Herself - Contestant 2009–
Wamego: Ultimatum (Video) – Herself 2009

Stuck! * – Daisy (Lead) Dikenga Films/Steve Balderson
But Deliver Us From Evil * – Chrissie/Lead Dandy Pictures
Bondage * – Ainsley/Lead Cassidy Price Productions
Look * – Emma/Lead Ryan Pickett Productions
Wamego: Ultimatum * – Self/Principal Dikenga Films
The Harps * – Jenna/Supporting SkyDive Films
Watch Out * – Andrea (Principal) Dikenga Films/Steve Balderson
My Mother's Misfortune * – Mom/Lead Cassidy Price Productions
A Measure of the Sin * – Alicia (Principal) GypsyRoot Productions/Jeff Wedding
Absence With Pictures * – Dolly (Lead) Scattergood Productions/Kendra Thomas
Summers Mourn * – Jane Crenshaw (Principal) F3Films/Tracy Cring
The Six Dollar Man * – Arlene Kincaid (Lead) F3Films/Jon Russell Cring
A Father's Rights * – Nurse Davis (Principal) William Fain Productions/Chris Blanton
Bookends * – Script Supervisor (Principal) Made it Myself Productions/Matthew Riddlehoover
Ought * – Siandra (Lead) F3Films/Jon Russell Cring
Falling to the Top * – Rebecca (Lead) Ruckus Films/Wes Edwards
CrossRoads Cafe * – Suzie (Principal) KEI Productions/Diane Wigstone
Legend of the Golden Apples * – Ursula (Lead) Vanguard Productions/Dylan VanGardner
The Romany Mirror * – Lola's Mother (Lead) Froglick Productions/Brooke Bernard
To A Tee * – Courtney (Lead) Made It Myself Productions/Matthew Riddlehoover
The Porch Climber * – Gertrude (Lead) Holdam Down Productions/Ann Holdam
An Ending for Gerald * – Agatha's Mother (Principal) Made It Myself Productions/Matthew Riddlehoover
Reading Into It * – Gina (Lead) Made It Myself Productions/Matthew Riddlehoover
Dreams and Betrayals * – Sarah Thimna (Lead) Open Iris Labs
Love Don't Let Me Down * – Waitress Maguire Entertainment
48 Hour Film Showdown * – Self/Lead Summerset TV
The Gift * – Della (Lead) WSIU Television
Krystal's * – Dancer/Principal Stray Dog
The Tennessean (Rutherford Weekend) * – Girlfriend (Lead) StagePost Productions
Habitat for Humanity * – Worker on Bridge (Principal) The Origami Group
Jackson Hewitt * – Saloon Girl (Lead) TBA Productions
ICVA * – Woman in Museum (Principal) Nutzach Pictures
Campaign Ad * – Susan Montee (Lead) Fletcher, Rowley, Chao, Riddle
State Farm Insurance * – Avid Fan (Supporting) State Farm Co.
Toyota Pace Car * – Featured Extra (Supporting) Thomas Thomas, London
Sedation Dentistry * – Satisfied Patient (Lead) Steven Yates Productions
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf * – Honey/Lead Act I
Mrs. Warren's Profession * – Vivie Warren (Lead) Act I
Titus * – Chiron (Principal) Act I
Popcorn * – Kirsten (Supporting) Street Theatre
You're Getting Me Hot * – Satania (Lead) AAPEX
Work Sucks * – Chorus (Principal) AAPEX
Double Trouble * – Lucy (Lead) Mystery.Comedy
Sunshine * – Sunshine (Lead) Bongo Java Theatre
Blithe Spirit * – Edith (Principal) West End Players
Lobby Hero * – Dawn Wilson (Lead) Main Street Players
Star Eyes and Lifeguard * – Amy (Lead) Main Street Players
I Never Sang for My Father * – Porter/Mary (Principal) Act 1
Proof * – Catherine (Lead) The Stage Company
Steel Magnolias * – Shelby Eatenton (Lead) Pyramid Players
King Lear * – Goneril (Lead) Bill Kincaid
Cabaret * – Fraulein Kost (Lead) Bill Kincaid
M Lee Smith Publishing * – Cindy (Lead) FilmHouse
M Lee Smith Publishers * – Ginger (Lead) FilmHouse
TeamHealth Phisician's Playbook * – Charge Nurse (Supporting) StagePost Productions
To Make a Difference * – Nurse Andrea (Principal) Aviatrix Enterprises
AFRTS * – Abused Woman (Lead) FilmHouse
Big Noise Live DVD * – Rocker Chick (Supporting) W274 Productions
Skeeter 2007 Dealer Video * – Woman in Boat (Lead) Skeeter Boats
Champion 2006 Dealer Video * – Woman in Boat (Lead) Champion Boats
TOO * – Various Puppet Voices F3Films
Falling to the Top * – Rebecca (Principal) Ruckus Films/Wes Edwards
The Legend of the Golden Apples * – Apple Voices Vangard Productions
Skeeter 2007 Saltwater Catalog * – Woman in Boat Skeeter Boats
ResortQuest Hilton Head Catalog * – Various Set-Ups Gaylord Entertainment
ResortQuest Outer Banks Catalog * – Various Set-Ups Gaylord Entertainment
Comdata Images * – Various Set-Ups Comdata
Permobil Rock & Roll Heaven/Disco Hell * – Angel Permobil
Champion 2006 Catalog * – Woman Fishing Champion Boats

Nicole Smith

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