Welcome to Paul Dove Management ( We are an Invitation only Management Company )

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Please contact Paul Dove management to find more information about our actors, thank you.

Paul Dove Productions/Management is owned by actor Paul J. Dove. The decision to represent himself  was made after his Paul’s previous management company decided to leave the business, and as a jobbing actor Paul needed to keep working,  Paul is a well established actor with his highest position on IMDB Pro being 1450, when other actor friends found out Paul was going to represent himself they asked if they could join his books so Paul only took on a small number of actor he knew and had worked with in the past, the agency is small so a personal touch can be given to actors, casting directors and the film TV company that hire the actors.

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Paul J. Dove (Actor)                Spotlight,Equity, IMDB Pro, Sag eligible. Liverpool Based.

Mandy Lomax

Mandy Lomax  (Actor)                             Spotlight,Equity,IMDB Pro,                London Based.



Elizabeth Troshanoff. Based in New York, for information about Elizabeth please phone or Email. Elizabeth is Mr Dove’s PA in the New York Office.













Ray Sinclair (Actor)

Ray Sinclair (Actor) Ray is Spotlight, Equity, IMDB Pro, Ray has Lived in Australia, Birmingham based



Kathleen Renish   (Actor)     Spotlight,Equity,IMDB Pro Sag Eligible, An American Living in Germany

Amy Stout ( Equity )for full information about any please contact Paul Dove Management



Catherine Rice, Actor, Comedian, Based in Liverpool Equity, Spotlight.




Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith (Actor) enquiries for Nicole please email or phone .


Starina Johnson (Actor) American actor based in Los Angeles. SAG/AFTRA



Carl Wharton (Actor) Equity, Spotlight, IMDB Pro Based in Cheshire.


Elisa Cowley Actor Equity, Spotlight Liverpool based.



Susan Cormack Equity, Spotlight, IMDB