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Paul J. Dove (Actor)                Spotlight,Equity, IMDB Pro, Sag eligible. Liverpool Based.

Mandy Lomax

Mandy Lomax  (Actor)                             Spotlight,Equity,IMDB Pro,                London Based.

Ray Sinclair (Actor)

Ray Sinclair (Actor) Ray is Spotlight, Equity, IMDB Pro, Ray has Lived in Australia, Birmingham bas




Kathleen Renish   (Actor)     Spotlight,Equity,IMDB Pro Sag Eligible, An American Living in Germany

Tony Banham (Actor)

Tony Banham (Actor)                                     Spotlight, Equity, IMDB Pro Bristol Based





Pamela Ashton (Actor)                                Spotlight, Equity, IMDB. Liverpool based


Clare Kelly (Actor)           Spotlight,Equity, IMDB, Liverpool Based.



Hema Johar     (actor)                                                     Spotlight, Equity, IMDB Pro Congratulations to Hema she has just got married originally from Liverpool now lives in Leeds and moving to Scotland.